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Life is too short to solve bad puzzles

TamBox specializes in curating handmade puzzles to ensure solvers get the most enjoyment out of their limited spare time. In today’s data age, computer programs can churn out an infinite amount of puzzles. While human authors can never compete with this quantity, we are certainly able to surpass on quality. TamBox aims to inject much-needed life into the uninspired and faceless puzzles that swarm markets today.

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PULZE is edited by Tawan Sunathvanichkul. With more than 10 years of experience in authoring and editing puzzles, his works have appeared in books, magazines and tournaments around the world, from national tournaments up to the World Puzzle Championships. He is known for pushing the envelope with offbeat and rule bending puzzles. As a solver, he is a 4-time national crossword champion and represents Thailand at the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships.

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