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PULZE is a new puzzle magazine with a big focus on logic puzzles. Each issue is packed with over 80 handmade puzzles. Along the way are articles for light reading and masterclasses by some of the world’s strongest solvers to help you improve your game. We also run puzzle contests and regularly explore other genres like trivia, word and visual puzzles.

PULZE will provide hours of entertainment whether you are new to puzzles or a veteran solver looking for a challenge.

Sorry. PULZE is currently offered in PDF format. You can print it out or solve it using your favourite note-taking app. Physical copies coming soon.

$11.90 per issue. Our first issue is available at a special offer of $9.90

You can grab a free 10-page sampler here. You can also participate in our contests. No purchases necessary. See the Contest page for details.

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Issue 1: Welcome Issue 

May 2022

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Welcome to our first issue!

We look at how puzzlers have been adapting to the lockdowns, our editor argues why easy puzzles are good,  a brain picking session with Tantan Dai and how would we go about classifying puzzles using taxonomy? And of course, puzzles. Over 90 of them across your favourite genres: Kakuro, Tapa, Fillomino, Sudoku and much more.

Contributors to this issue

Chiel Beenhakker, Tom Collyer, Tantan Dai, Eric Fox, Joseph Howard, Bram de Laat, Sinchai Rungsangrattanakul, Takeya Saikachi, Prasanna Seshadri, Tawan Sunathvanichkul, Murat Can Tonta, Roland Voigt, Nikola Zivanovic